Instructions to IPhone Users


This website supports PWA and PWA based technology is implemented for iOS mobiles alternative to a developed native app.

Installing a PWA App  on iOS is quite simple. The process (unfortunately) only works from the Safari browser. Beyond that restriction, however, it’s quite similar to Android.

Navigate to the website you want to add as a PWA in Safari. Then tap the ‘Share’ button, scroll down and tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’ Enter the name for the app then tap add.

The PWA will show up on your home screen like a native iOS app.

Since the release of iOS 11.3, Safari has supported many of the technologies behind PWAs, including service workers. In other words, PWAs on iOS should work similarly to native apps and can access location, sensor data, the camera, audio output and more. There also some limitations, including a 50MB limit on offline storage, no access to Face ID, Touch ID, Bluetooth or other technologies and no notifications.

Note The above setup is temporary till the development and publishing of nativeIOS app in apple stores for the iOS based mobiles

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